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Howard Delaney
Money Strategies
Life Insurance  •  Annuities

Howard Delaney
Money Strategies
Life Insurance  •  Annuities

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Financial planning is not a product. It’s a matter of advising clients in the pursuit of financial independence. 

But how does independence really happen?  

There is a lot of false and misleading information out there about financial planning and what is best for your money. It’s based on outdated information. What worked even ten years ago doesn’t work now.   

I call it the “new world of finance.”  The last 10 years have gone from business cycles to credit cycles. 

No longer does “buy term insurance and invest or save the difference” make total sense today. This was the College of Financial Planning thought process when I was going through the College’s curriculum in the 80’s.

Not any more. Times, technology and investment products have changed. 

I know this because I’ve been in the business for over three decades. 

I have worked as an institutional investor, I’ve lived through the major financial meltdowns—from the S&L crisis in the mid 1980s to the massive meltdown of 2008.
Howard C. Delaney
Financial Strategist 
“Howard’s integrity and trustworthiness make doing business with him a pleasure. I refer many associates to him.” 
~Phil Aissa. V.P. Regional Sales American Savings & Loan 
Through most of that time, I was a stock broker and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). I’ve played the market; I know what happens—and doesn’t—when you sit and wait for the market to “recover,” even though the money you lost doesn’t quite get back to what you thought.  

Tomas Sowell, a well-respected economist who grew up in Harlem and is now the Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University once said, “Wisdom is the rarest quality of all–the ability to combine intellect,  knowledge, experience, and judgment in a way to produce a coherent understanding…”  

Very few people have wisdom about money. I have made it my life’s work to find people with wisdom about how to best handle the financial world, and I have learned from them.  

I want to pass that knowledge on to those I work with. I want to give back, and help those who don’t have access to the elite money managers—or those who earn $ 100,000 or less—the chance to learn how to better control their money.
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“I want someone with honor, someone I can trust, to handle my financial affairs. Howard provides that for me.”  
~ William W. Siders. Real Estate Broker
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CLICK BELOW to download a free chapter of My Family Financial Miracle by my friend and colleague, Merle Gilley. 

He’s helped thousands take control of their money, and you might find his ideas useful.
The New World of Finance
When I started in the financial industry, life insurance was considered a bill. Now, it is an asset-- a very important addition to your financial portfolio. 

I’ve watched what’s changed over the past decade. It’s a little-known fact that our Federal Reserve System along with Japan and the European Central Bank are controlling the world markets far more than you would think. With all those outside forces, why risk it?  

Financial planning is about getting educated on what’s available. To do that, you need a reliable network of people who have done the work, and someone who knows how to translate the information into “plain English.”  

For many years, I owned a financial education company and at one point was retained by Merritt college in Oakland, California, conducting seminars on subjects such as CDs, stocks, bonds, Reals Estate Investment Trust (REITs), long-term care, estate planning, and insurance. I taught people how to fund their 401(k)s and get out of debt.  

Now, I want people to understand the value permanent cash-value life insurance can play in your overall portfolio. What is offered today, and how it can benefit them as well as any other financial product I’ve worked with.  

The BEST I have found is called Index Universal Life (IUL) insurance. This is not your grandfather’s insurance—that was all about the death benefit.   

Today’s IUL is a financial accumulator that is powerful, dependable, and safe with a proven track record of competitive returns.
An IUL Offers You Very Important Benefits:
  • Tax Efficicient: In an IUL, you can take advantage of IRS tax codes that allow you to grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment and then access your money income-tax free.  
  •  Competitive Returns: why put your money in the stock market when it can be in a vehicle that gives you market-like returns but your money is NOT actually in the market? It is always in a safe place, earning uninterrupted compounding interest, which adds up quick. 
  • Efficient use of your money: with IUL, there’s also a way you can earn money while you’re using it. This is the “living benefits” of life insurance that most people don’t know about—but once they find out, they love it!
  •  Liquidity, Use, and Control: in the free chapter I’m offering from my good friend and colleague, Merle Gilley, you’re going to find out what liquidity, use, and control means, and why that is so important for your money. You don’t want the government telling you when you can and can’t use your money.
  •  It is “self-completing”: being in the business as long as I have, I have seen what a life insurance policy can mean for a family when those who provide meet an untimely death. I like to see my clients covered so we all know they are sheltered from unseen and often devastating storms.
When you think about what is important to you like saving money in a competitive yet protected account, having access to your savings anytime or preparing for a tax-advantaged retirement income, doesn’t it make sense to get all the facts—today?
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